Welcome to Orient Speech Therapy

Orient Speech Therapy Center (China) Limited offers professional Speech Therapy in China since 2007. OST is the only designated speech and language therapy organization by China Speech and Language Therapy Association (HK). With slogan “Talk to the World”, OST provides professional and individualized training program to children with ID, AD, DS, Hearing disorder and etc. Our program includes STAR System, A1 Oral Motor, A2 Articulation, B1 Cognitive Development, Logistic thinking and expression, B2 Multi-sensory and expression, B3 Attention, B4 Social behavior, B5 Visual-Auditory Training Program. Till 2016, we are operating nearly 20 centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and etc., which covers more than ten cities and provides service for more than 200,000 families.

Assessment of Speech and Communication Capacities

大乐透开奖 www.dvrfz.com.cn Providing screening exams of speech and communication capacities for children along with assessments by experts, families would find children’s speech problems effectively.

Information about Assessment of speech and communication capacities

Normal Communication Development in Children

Providing screening exams of speech and communication capacities to pre-school and school children and assessment as well as training plan.

Speech disorders including:

Drooling chewing disorders late-talker unable to speak timid articulation disorder stuttering oral motor disorders ADHD Attention deficit learning disorders logic thinking disorders social communication difficulties multi-sensory disorders

Speech and Language Therapy in Children

Provide service to Age of 0-12 pre-school and school children with speech disorders due to the following clinical diagnosis:

Autism Intellectual Disability Hearing Disorder Cleft Lip and Palate Downs Syndrome Cerebral Palsy Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Provide better solutions for the above problems.

Speech and Language Therapy in Adults

Provide service to adults of Age 18 or above with speech disorders due to the following clinical diagnosis:

Swallowing disorders aphasia stuttering in adults articulation disorders Parkinson's disease cerebral apoplexy Alzheimer Disease

Provide better solutions for the above problems.

Training for Parents

Provide speech and language theoretic knowledge and practical skills to various levels of families and social people.

Information about parents training

Training for ST

Provide training for professionals (Speech and language therapist and medical workers) about therapy skills and clinical practice as well as promotion system.

Information about ST training

Welcome to join in OST! Let’s help children “Talk to the world”! HR's email:[email protected]

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